Your Roof and Uninvited Guests

Insects, animals and your roof

Bugs and animals like to discover a safe house in the attic, areas around your roofing systems or your home in general. These visitors are almost always unwanted, and they usually wreak havoc on your home and cause a headache to homeowners. That is the moment when most people will contact a local roofing contractor to get much-wanted help.

The initial step is to recognize the common points of the entrance, so it is easy to locate the trouble areas. That trouble areas are usually gaps or missing chunks of soffit or fascia, openings in exterior siding or cladding, ajar windows and gable vents, holes at the vents or the ridge and uncapped or open chimneys.

These locations on your roofing system and also any various other openings in an exterior of your home need to be adequately secured to avoid animals as well as pests from shifting right into safety of your house. The most common example are the birds that nest inside of chimneys so they could avoid outside weather elements. Various other kinds of bugs, as well as animals to look out for, are mainly raccoons, rats, bats, squirrels, and also mice. Each of these uninvited guests could create major issues, consisting of damage to the roof, roofing support structure, attic as well as electric wiring. Don’t forget that all these animals can quickly spread some disease.

When you contact a roofing contractor, he should ask you if you have seen or noticed any of the regular signs of infestation. Those typical signs are usually evidence of urination, marks on the electrical cables or wood from gnawing, droppings from bird or animals, scratching sounds, nest or hives, and strange smells.

We will give you some advice and tips any good roofing contractor professional could share with you to ensure that your residence is completely free of insects and critters. The first thing you should do is to inspect and check out the outside of your home to ensure that any holes, openings or voids in the cladding are secured and sealed. Next thing you should do is to make sure that soffit and fascia are closed and sealed tight with no openings or gaps. Inspec your chimney and makes sure that flue is closed or covered when your chimney is not in use.By doing that, you can avoid nests, hives and unwanted visitors in general. If you spot squirrels running around or on top of your house, try to monitor their activity to see if these squirrels are just passing through or if they are here to stay. The easiest way to prevent ground animals to access your roof is to trim the branches of surrounding trees and vegetation. By doing that you can effectively prevent access to your roof when it comes to ground animals, and last but not least, regularly inspect your attic.

Summer is a great time for roofing professionals to connect with property owners concerning infestation as well as regular maintenance after a long, chilly winter months. Hiring a skilled and experienced residential and commercial roofing contractor is crucial if you wish to protect your property.

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