Know Your Roof

Your roofs surface

Do you ever think about your roofing system and what does it go through while protecting your home? Not many people do. And not many people realize that during the summer when temperatures rise the temperature of a roof also rises. During a hot summer day, your roofing material can reach temperatures up to 140° and more. Slate, for an example, can become so hot that it will become impossible to touch it. On the other hand, during the winter, temperatures will drop and so will the temperature of your roof drop. If your roofing material gets exposed to significant variations in temperatures, it can easily get damaged.

Extreme heat and cold are not the only problems your roofing material needs to deal with. Harsh weather conditions pose a greater threat to your roof and ventilation system than temperatures. Things like snow, rain, hail, ice and winds can easily damage your roofing system. If your home gets hit by a severe hailstorm or high winds, your roofing material can get easily damaged. Hail can leave small dents and cracks all over your roofing material. Once water enters those crevices, it will get trapped there and once the temperatures drop it will expand and by doing that it will also expand the crack. That process will repeat until your roofing material gets broken. Same thing goes for a strong wind. If your roofing system gets hit by a strong gust of wind, it can get damaged by debris from the wind. Weather conditions will also affect your roofing contractor. If the temperature is too high, some projects will be impossible to get done. Projects such as slate, accurate repairs, coating and shingle repairs cannot be done while the temperature is high because roofing material will not react as good as it would behave to mild temperatures. On the other hand, some roofing materials can easily get fragile and easily damaged when exposed to extreme colds. People don’t often maintain their roofing systems or have them inspected. Imagine how would your floors or countertops look like if you have never cleaned them. There is no difference between your floor and your roof. Both should be equally maintained and cleaned even though your roof needs to be cleaned less often than your floor but it still should be cleaned. No matter what, you can always count on your trusted local roofing contractor to get your roof in working condition.

So that would be it. Remember, you need to pay attention to your roof. Do not forget to inspect visually your roofing material, gutters and flashing from time to time to see if there are some areas that might require professional service. Keeping your roof in the best condition possible shows that you care for your property. Do not hesitate to contact your roofer if you see some problems in the making.


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