Pros and Cons of Standard Roofing Materials

What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional roofing materials

Every homeowner in the United States would like for his or hers roofing system to last forever with no maintenance and no repairs. Well, that is impossible. Every roofing system has its advantages and disadvantages. Different roofing materials react differently when exposed to outside elements, and that is why you need to know their properties. Some materials perform better in cold climates while others in warm, some are fire resistant and some are not. Sit tight and read this blog post if you wish to find out which roofing material would be perfect fit for your roofing material

Composition Shingles

Composition shingles can do wonders for your home. They are budget-friendly, and they offer a clean look. They can be made from fiberglass or asphalt shingles and they provide the durable solution for protecting your property. Since they are made out of fiberglass or asphalt, that means that they can be recycled and used again which makes them green roofing product. They are available in wide range of colors, styles, shapes and textures, and they are easy to install. When it comes to composition shingles and their disadvantages, they can easily get damaged when exposed to extreme heats; high winds can tear them off, faulty attic ventilation can damage them and they are not aesthetically pleasing as tiles or shakes are.

Wood Shakes

This roofing material offers one of the most beautiful looks with so much character.They are available in all sorts of shapes, textures, colors and different types of wood. They are highly energy efficient if they are treated well. They will require regular maintenance and inspections, but they can last you longer than composition roofing material. You need to watch out for the mold, rot, and insects if you decide to install a wood roofing system on your property.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are one of the most popular roofing materials throughout the world. They are durable; they can last you a lifetime, and they are simply beautiful. Made from natural clay, baked at high temperatures, they are available in wide range of shapes, styles, textures and colors. This roofing material will protect your property for years to come, and it can also boost the market value of your home. On the other hand, clay tiles can be heavy which means that you might not be able to install them on your existing roofing support structure. You should avoid walking on clay tiles since they tend to break when exposed to pressure such as walking on them.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are coming back, and they are coming back with a bang. Metal roofs are not just associated with commercial or industrial roofing anymore. Today, people all over the United States are opting for a metal roofing material as their residential roofing solution. That is not much of surprise considering what has metal roofing become. It is extremely durable, energy efficient, it is available in various colors, shapes, sizes, textures and it can even imitate other roofing materials. Only downsides to metal roofing systems are that their initial price is somewhat higher than that of the other roofing materials.


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Commercial Roof Maintenace

How important is to maintain your commercial roofing system?

Just like any other roof, the commercial roof is on the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your property from harsh outside weather conditions. Your roof protects your inventory, your employees, and your whole property. People don’t tend to think about their roof that often, that is until problems appear. It is usually too late once you notice damage inside your property caused by a faulty roofing system. The only way you can avoid dealing with expensive roof repairs or even complete roof replacement is by having your roof regularly inspected and maintained by a certified roofing professional.

Regular preventative maintenance program is the only way you can be sure that your roof won’t fall victim to outside weather conditions. Regular inspection and maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your roof, and it can save you going through the trouble of having your roof repaired. So what does preventative maintenance consists of? Preventative maintenance includes regular small repairs and inspection of damaged roofing elements. It is vital to have your commercial roofing system inspected by a roofing professional twice a year or at least once during a year. Spring and fall are best periods to have your roof inspected. Your roofing professional will check downspouts and drains in order to find out if there are any clogs or debris present, inspect flashings and penetrations for cracks, examine vents to see if they are properly sealed, look for any signs of damage caused by weather and they will provide you with extensive report and they will determine what to do next. If your roofing contractor tells you that you should repair your commercial roofing system, then you should listen to him. Ignoring small problems can lead to disasters. Minor damage will accumulate over time and sooner or later you will end up with a serious problem on hands. Just think about it for a second, would you rather schedule regular maintenance program or would you rather wait for your roof to collapse? Water damage is dangerous. If your roof falls victim to water, that water will penetrate your property, and it could leave your roof sagging, your walls weak and it could damage plumbing and your electrical wiring. Pooling water on the roof is the first sign that you may be dealing with a leak somewhere, and that is why it is important to have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company every year.

So that would be it about the importance of commercial roofing system maintenance and inspection. If you are a business owner and if your roof wasn’t inspected in some time, don’t wait for your roof to become damaged beyond repair. Contact your local roofer as soon as you can and schedule maintenance. Caring for your roof is caring for your business, your clients, your employees and your property.

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Know Your Roof

Your roofs surface

Do you ever think about your roofing system and what does it go through while protecting your home? Not many people do. And not many people realize that during the summer when temperatures rise the temperature of a roof also rises. During a hot summer day, your roofing material can reach temperatures up to 140° and more. Slate, for an example, can become so hot that it will become impossible to touch it. On the other hand, during the winter, temperatures will drop and so will the temperature of your roof drop. If your roofing material gets exposed to significant variations in temperatures, it can easily get damaged.

Extreme heat and cold are not the only problems your roofing material needs to deal with. Harsh weather conditions pose a greater threat to your roof and ventilation system than temperatures. Things like snow, rain, hail, ice and winds can easily damage your roofing system. If your home gets hit by a severe hailstorm or high winds, your roofing material can get easily damaged. Hail can leave small dents and cracks all over your roofing material. Once water enters those crevices, it will get trapped there and once the temperatures drop it will expand and by doing that it will also expand the crack. That process will repeat until your roofing material gets broken. Same thing goes for a strong wind. If your roofing system gets hit by a strong gust of wind, it can get damaged by debris from the wind. Weather conditions will also affect your roofing contractor. If the temperature is too high, some projects will be impossible to get done. Projects such as slate, accurate repairs, coating and shingle repairs cannot be done while the temperature is high because roofing material will not react as good as it would behave to mild temperatures. On the other hand, some roofing materials can easily get fragile and easily damaged when exposed to extreme colds. People don’t often maintain their roofing systems or have them inspected. Imagine how would your floors or countertops look like if you have never cleaned them. There is no difference between your floor and your roof. Both should be equally maintained and cleaned even though your roof needs to be cleaned less often than your floor but it still should be cleaned. No matter what, you can always count on your trusted local roofing contractor to get your roof in working condition.

So that would be it. Remember, you need to pay attention to your roof. Do not forget to inspect visually your roofing material, gutters and flashing from time to time to see if there are some areas that might require professional service. Keeping your roof in the best condition possible shows that you care for your property. Do not hesitate to contact your roofer if you see some problems in the making.


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Preventing Roof Leak

Tips on have to protect your roof from leaks

Most of the time people call roofing contractors because of the leaks. Leaks can trigger all kinds of damage once they appear inside your home, that is unless you have a green roofing system. Fixing a leak is not an easy nor cheap job to perform because detecting a source of a leak is difficult most of the times. Repairing a leaking roof is a job for a professional roofer because climbing on top of the roof is not a job for everyone and the untrained person can do more damage than good. Even professionals often have problems with detecting a leak source since the source almost never lines up with the location where the leak stains are visible.

Roofers become detectives when they get called to fix the leaking roof. Water can travel via various paths, and it usually ends up far from the source of the leak, and that is why it is so hard to detect it and fix it. Homeowners need to remember that this complicated repairs can be easily avoided by performing regular inspection and maintenance of their roofing systems. I will list some of the main culprits which can cause roof leaks.

Chimney – This is the main one. Flashing around your chimney can get damaged, and it can crack. Water will enter those cracks, and it will end up anywhere in your attic or our home. You should have your flashing regularly inspected to avoid more significant damage to your home and your roof.

Skylight – Same as chimney, flashing around your skylight can get damaged, and it will allow water to enter your home.

Drip Edge – Drip edge is critical when it comes to protecting your home from water because it keeps all the excess water away from your fascia and your siding while being safely led off the roof.

Flashing – As we said above, it is important to protect your flashing with a high-quality sealant to keep your home leak-free.

Attic – Check your attic. Check it regularly. You can use a flashlight to visually inspect your attic to see if there are some signs of condensation or any other damage. If your attic insulation looks flat, that is probably because moisture is too high inside your attic. Problems with roof ventilation, plumbing, and animal presence can cause significant and expensive damage to your property so make sure to check your attic.

Gutters – Gutters can get clogged by debris if you don’t clean them regularly. Once they get clogged all of the excess water during a rainfall will end up under your roofing material and your fascia. Make sure that you clean your gutters at least once in a year.

So that would be it about roof leak problems. Always make sure that your roof is in the best condition possible if you wish to avoid dealing with expensive roof repair projects. Regular roof maintenance and inspection are vital in protecting your roof and your home so do not hesitate to contact your local roofing contractor.

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Your Roof and Uninvited Guests

Insects, animals and your roof

Bugs and animals like to discover a safe house in the attic, areas around your roofing systems or your home in general. These visitors are almost always unwanted, and they usually wreak havoc on your home and cause a headache to homeowners. That is the moment when most people will contact a local roofing contractor to get much-wanted help.

The initial step is to recognize the common points of the entrance, so it is easy to locate the trouble areas. That trouble areas are usually gaps or missing chunks of soffit or fascia, openings in exterior siding or cladding, ajar windows and gable vents, holes at the vents or the ridge and uncapped or open chimneys.

These locations on your roofing system and also any various other openings in an exterior of your home need to be adequately secured to avoid animals as well as pests from shifting right into safety of your house. The most common example are the birds that nest inside of chimneys so they could avoid outside weather elements. Various other kinds of bugs, as well as animals to look out for, are mainly raccoons, rats, bats, squirrels, and also mice. Each of these uninvited guests could create major issues, consisting of damage to the roof, roofing support structure, attic as well as electric wiring. Don’t forget that all these animals can quickly spread some disease.

When you contact a roofing contractor, he should ask you if you have seen or noticed any of the regular signs of infestation. Those typical signs are usually evidence of urination, marks on the electrical cables or wood from gnawing, droppings from bird or animals, scratching sounds, nest or hives, and strange smells.

We will give you some advice and tips any good roofing contractor professional could share with you to ensure that your residence is completely free of insects and critters. The first thing you should do is to inspect and check out the outside of your home to ensure that any holes, openings or voids in the cladding are secured and sealed. Next thing you should do is to make sure that soffit and fascia are closed and sealed tight with no openings or gaps. Inspec your chimney and makes sure that flue is closed or covered when your chimney is not in use.By doing that, you can avoid nests, hives and unwanted visitors in general. If you spot squirrels running around or on top of your house, try to monitor their activity to see if these squirrels are just passing through or if they are here to stay. The easiest way to prevent ground animals to access your roof is to trim the branches of surrounding trees and vegetation. By doing that you can effectively prevent access to your roof when it comes to ground animals, and last but not least, regularly inspect your attic.

Summer is a great time for roofing professionals to connect with property owners concerning infestation as well as regular maintenance after a long, chilly winter months. Hiring a skilled and experienced residential and commercial roofing contractor is crucial if you wish to protect your property.

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The Best Beaches in North Carolina

So you want to know which are the best beaches in NC? No problem. Our new blog post by the is going to help you, because we have listed some of the best options you have here in North Carolina, so you can plan a great holiday. We are more than sure that you will find this article to be engaging and informative. So we encourage you to stay here from beginning till end; this is a read you are going to enjoy. Guaranteed!

FIRST: Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke IslandIf you want to get lots of privacy, so you can enjoy North Carolina’s magical nature, then you need to get a getaway to Ocracoke Island, in order to visit its beautiful beaches. According to many visitors, some of the most beautiful beaches in the US are located here, and we won’t neglect that.

You have to give Ocracoke Island a visit in order to see what we are talking about. This is a place where the water is just fine, the sand is perfect and the atmosphere as a whole is a perfection. Here you can swimming without problems, because as we have said, the water is spot on.

But there’s a thing you have to remember: they are not so friendly to children. Why? Because here you won’t much to do for them. So they may get bored, but it’s an excellent place to visit with your loved one or friends, because if you want to experience nature as it is, then the beaches in this island will allow you to do this.


We cannot continue this listing without mentioning Duck, which is one of the places in NC with the best beaches. And the best part is that this place is a bit more popular than our previous option, so your children will have lots of entertainment. The Oceanside beaches here will allow them and you to swim freely, and you can also join the surf courses.

Another excellent part of this beach is that it feels very well, the atmosphere is village-like, so you will be able to enjoy of the beach without being hammered by your typical city-like atmosphere.

Even though it’s popular, it’s not like flooded by tourists. So you will be able to enjoy a bit of privacy, don’t worry.

THIRD: Hatteras Island

And here we have our last option. From all the three options we have described, this last seems to be the most “exotic” one, because it’s located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico Sound, which has originated many beautiful and exotic beaches. The water here just like in most beaches from North Caroline is fine, and will allow you to swim without problems.

If you want to experience an adventure out of this world, then you need to visit the beaches in Hatteras Island. You will be surprised by its beauty and atmosphere, which has no rival. We encourage you to visit it as soon as possible.

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